Task Tutorial

Add Categories and or Tags

Add Categories and/or Tag(s)

Using categories and tags can improve your website’s organization and help readers find the content they are interested in.

Add Post Excerpt

Add Post Excerpt

Hand-crafted manual excerpts help visitors skim your page as they look for relevant content.

Include Semantic Keywords

Include Semantic Keyword(s)

Visitors might not phrase things exactly like you do. Try using semantic words related to your keyword(s) within your headings and body copy.

Primary Keywords in Title

Primary Keyword(s) in Title

When you’re writing a blog post, it’s important to make sure your primary keyword (or phrase) is in the title of the post.

Check Responsive Layouts Featured Image 1

Check responsive layouts

Testing your website across multiple screen sizes will help you catch possible errors in layout and user experience.

Copyright Notice in Footer Featured Image 1

Copyright Notice in Footer

A simple copyright notice lets visitors know your work is protected by copyright laws. Let’s start this article by pointing

Add Image Alt Tags Featured Image 1

Add Image Alt Tags

Alt tags provide a written description of your images for anyone who can’t see them.

Write page titles 1

Write Page Titles

Your page title appears at the top browser tab and as the hyperlink in search results.

Add a Favicon featured image 1

Add a Favicon

Favicons are the small images that appear next to the site title in your browser tab.

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