How to Access Docket WP

Kyle Van Deusen
August 18, 2020
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To get started with Docket WP, first install and activate the Docket WP plugin, which can be found here or by searching for ‘Docket WP’ in the WordPress Repository (Plugins > Add New > Search for ‘Docket WP’).

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you’ll notice a small button on the top right of your WordPress admin bar that says “Docket (Login)”.

Docket Button in Admin Bar
Docket Button in Admin Bar

Click the button to access your Docket WP account.

You can easily access Docket WP from anywhere the admin bar is shown, or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + /”.

The first screen you’ll see will be a login screen. You can login to your account by using the email address and password you chose during registration and pressing “Sign In”.

Docket WP Login Screen
Docket WP Login Screen

If you can’t remember what password you used, you can click the “Forgot your password?” link, which will prompt you to reset your password (follow the instructions in the email sent to you).

After logging in successfully for the first time, you’ll see a welcome screen where you can begin by importing a list or creating one from scratch— you’re ready to go!

Docket WP Welcome Screen
Docket WP Welcome Screen

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