In an effort to provide the best user experience, it’s best practice to link your logo (in your header) back to the homepage of your website.

Most website users have picked up on the fact that the logo will typically take them back to the homepage. This small detail goes a long way in helping users understand how to navigate your website and gives them a quick and easy way to orient themselves.

How to link your header to your homepage

Most themes will provide this functionality by default, so if you’ve used your theme to setup your website’s header, before you do anything just test to see if clicking your logo takes you to your homepage. Chances are, it’s already done for you.

If you’ve used your theme to create your header, but it is not linking to your homepage, you’ll need to refer to your theme’s documentation or request support from your theme developer directly.

If you’ve used something outside of your theme to create your header (like a page builder) you’ll likely have to do this manually.

To make this edit, open up your header inside of your page builder. Click the image widget you’ve used for your logo, and link it to the root domain of your website, or simply put a forward slash (/) where the link goes. Both methods will link the image back to your website’s homepage.