Onboarding an Outsourced Partner


The Onboarding checklist for outsourced partners by GoWP (one of many prebuilt lists included with Docket WP) will help you effectively setup communication & expectations— setting your virtual team up for success!


Improve Organization

Stay on track & complete routine tasks faster

repeatable systems

Improve consistency and measure your efficiency

Make Fewer Mistakes

Eliminate working backwards & costly oversights

Accomplish More

Tracking your progress boosts your motivation

Delegate Effectively

Clear direction make assigning tasks to your team easier

Outsourcing isn't as easy as it sounds.

You’re more likely to hear horror stories than you are anything else. But luck favors the prepared!

Many agencies have achieved incredible things by outsourcing their low-value tasks — whether to GoWP or to other outsourced partners. They have an agency that practically runs by itself and they’re able to focus on new and exciting ways to maintain growth. But this can only happen when your team understands three essential components:

  • Your agency’s identity
  • What needs to be done
  • How it should be done

This list has been carefully developed and tweaked over the years for the specific purpose of bringing on a WordPress developer.  Whether you’re offloading some simple tasks, or handing over the keys to the kingdom— this list will help ensure your success!

10 27

27 Fully Customizable Tasks Included!

This optimized checklist comes with full documentation on how to accomplish each task and is fully customizable to tweak and make it your own!

The Easiest Way to Store, Manage & Access Your Processes!

Storing your processes off-site forces you to switch back-and-forth between applications to get things done. DocketWP helps you manage & execute your processes from inside your workspace.

Make it Your Own

Use or edit our prebuilt list or easily customize to fit your needs

Do More in Less Time

Standardizing your procedures maximizes your efficiency

Develop Consistency

Repeatable processes ensure your work is always done right

Improve Teamwork

Keep everyone on track with clear directions and instructions

Reduce Redundancy

Create, save, and share lists between unlimited installs

Boost Creativity

Give your brain space to focus on creative problem solving

Every subscription includes access to our entire prebuilt library!

Get instant access to our optimized processes to plug & play or customize to make your own— all without ever having to leave WordPress!

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