Docket WP Beta 0.7 is Now Available!

What happens after you complete a list in Docket WP? Previously you had two options:

Option 1: Trash the list (and kiss it goodbye for good)

Option 2: Leave it cluttering up your interface

This becomes particularly important if you are using Docket WP to keep record of completed work (like Monthly Maintenance).

The latest release (Beta 0.7) introduces two new features that will solve this problem (and a easy way to get help if you’re stuck)!

???? Lists Archive

In version Beta 0.7 you now have the option to “Archive” a list. This will store your list away for safe keeping, while decluttering the interface from having to sort through lists you’re not actively working on.

This feature idea was brought up by a user (hey, Jared!) who started implementing the Monthly Maintenance Checklists for all his clients. But he wasn’t quite sure what to do with the lists once the month was over and the lists were complete.

With the archive list option, you can now file those completed lists away for safe record keeping.

Docket Archive
Docket Archive

We’ve written up a couple quick help docs on both How to Archive a List and How to Access Lists from Your Archive.

These changes did bring a slight change to the UI of your lists— you’ll now find the “Edit List”, “Archive List” and “Trash List” options inside the List Options Menu.

List Options Menu Dropdown
List Options Menu Dropdown

Now you can keep your lists more organized, and safely store completed (or inactive lists) without them getting in the way.

????️ Recover Trashed Lists

Along with the Archive function, you now have 30 days to recover lists from your trash.

Now when you trash a list, it will go into your “Trashed Lists” folder. These lists will stay here for 30 days before they are permanently deleted.

Trash List
Trash List

From your Trashed Lists folder you can recover trashed lists, or delete them permanently manually. All of your trashed lists will also display a countdown timer with the amount of days until the list will be permanently deleted.

Once the 30 days expires, you list will no longer be recoverable— so don’t store anything important in your trash (that’s why there’s an archive!).

We’ve written up a couple of help docs that will show you How to Trash a List and How to Recover a Trashed Lists.

???? Quickly Access Support

With the addition of HelpScout to our stack, we’re now able to provide better documentation, as well as support easier ways to get support.

You can now get to documentation, or request support without having to leave your website!

With any Docket WP list open, just click the “Support” link at the bottom of your screen. This will open our HelpScout beacon where you can access our help docs or request support from the comfort of your website.

Since you’re already logged into your Docket WP account, you won’t have any additional sign in required to submit a ticket.


We hope this feature makes it more convenient for you to get the help you need without having to jump through any extra hoops.

⚡ What’s Next

We hope you enjoy these two new quality of life features, but don’t worry— we have more updates on the way!

In the coming days we’ll be introducing new features that will allow you to recover trashed tasks, add due dates to tasks, email list status reports, and add videos to your notes!

We’d love to know what other features you think would make Docket WP better for your workflow. Test out the new support features and submit a ticket with your feature requests and ideas!