Docket WP Beta 0.9 is Now Available!

Today’s update is all about making life a little bit easier for you. Version 0.9 features two new updates, giving you the ability to un-trash tasks, and edit the lists you’ve saved to your personal library!

♻️ Un-Trash Tasks

Delete a task only to realize you actually might need it? Or hit delete instead of “done”? That’s okay! You can now recover any deleted tasks for up to 30 days.

Like our Recovered Trashed Lists feature (released in version 0.7), you can now un-trash tasks that you wish to have back.

Achieving this small feat is simple…

un trash tasks
Un-Trash Tasks

Your trashed tasks will show up on a list-by-list basis, so you’ll only see the trashed tasks associated with the list you are currently working on. Like the un-trash lists feature, each task in your trash will display a countdown timer showing you the number of days it will live in your wastebasket until it’s permanently removed.

???? Edit Saved Lists

Being able to save your unique lists to your personal library is one of the primary benefits to Docket WP. Your personal library follows you to any install so you can create processes and quickly import them into any project.

But what if you need to edit one of your saved lists after it’s been added to your library? Now you can!

To edit a saved list, click the main menu button, select “saved lists” and click the pencil icon next to the list you want to edit.

Edit a Saved List 1
Edit a Saved List 1

Once you’ve saved all your edits you can close the list. Everything has been saved along the way!

Now your list is updated and ready to be imported on any WordPress installation!

???? Getting Started Guide

We’ve just put together a simple “Getting Started Guide” that covers all the features of Docket WP with brief explanations (for more in-depth documentation, visit our Help site: The Getting Started Guide is a great way to quickly learn about everything you can do with Docket WP.

Be warned, I recorded a TON of gifs (just makes the content easy to digest) so the page loading time might not be excellent 😉

⚡ What’s Next

We hope you enjoy these two new quality of life features, but don’t worry— we have more updates on the way!

Next on the docket, we’ll will be adding functionality to add videos to your notes, add due dates to tasks, and generate email reports of your lists! Stayed tuned for the next update!