Docket WP Version 1.0 is Now Available!

Though we’ve be quieter the last few days, things behind the scenes have been busier than ever. We had two big features that were slated to be done before the official launch of Docket WP— and we’re excited to announce that both of these features are now live!

Version 1.0 (now out of beta!) introduces two new features: Due Dates for Tasks, and Generating Email Reports. Let’s have a look at both!

???? Due Dates for Tasks

You can now quickly and easily add due dates for any of your tasks.

This makes prioritizing long lists much easier and will lay the foundation for being able to push due-date-specific notifications and assignments in the future.

To add a due date to a task, hover over the task and click the new “Calendar” icon that appears to the right of the task title.

due date
Due Date Icon

This will open a calendar that allows you to choose a date or pick from one of the quick selection options (“Today”, “Tomorrow”, “Next Monday”).

Calendar View
Calendar View

If you assign a due date to a task, it will display just below the task title.

Of course, adding dates to tasks is completely optional— so if your tasks don’t need due dates you aren’t forced to use them.

You can read the full documentation on this feature here.

Calendar options get to be a bit complex, so expect to see more developments in the feature as we make it more robust and customizable.

???? Generating Email Reports

Now you can email a progress report of any list to whomever you’d like!

This is a great way to share the progress you’ve made on your lists with customers and team members— and it’s simple to do.

With any list open, click the List Options Menu button, and click “Email List Status”.

email list status
email list status

Next, a new window will open that will allow to to type in the recipient’s email address, the subject, and a custom message for your email. The system will automatically place a snapshot of the list including the list title, website name, and all the active and completed tasks.

email report
Send Email Report

Just hit “Send” and your report will be on its way— it’s that simple!

By default the emails will come from the email address you use to sign into Docket WP and you’ll also be set as the reply-to address so if anyone replies you’ll get the email. Eventually we’ll have some options for you to be able to customize the from name and address too.

Email Example
Email Example

???? A Few New Lists

Since our last Release Notes update, we’ve added 4 new lists to the Docket WP Official Library! Each of these lists are from awesome contributors, and we’re so excited to get them into your hands!

The Blog Post Checklist

Get ready to publish the the best articles you’ve ever written with the blog post SEO and UX optimization checklist from Jammy Digital.

Website Maintenance Checklist

Update a WordPress website following a step-by-step foolproof workflow by the pros at WP Care Market.

Website “Pre” Care Plan Evaluation

Evaluate a website you didn’t build for potential issues and improvements to grow your recurring revenue faster.

SEO Any Web Page

The SEO Any Web Page checklist by SEOHive will help you optimize any page on your website and increase its position in the search engines. 

Each of these lists can be found in the Official Library inside Docket WP (if you’re not sure where to find that, here’s a step-by-step guide).

⚡ Wrapping Up Beta & Going LIVE

The 1.0 release of Docket WP gives us everything we need to take it live for public release, which is scheduled for Thursday, November 10th at 8:00am Central. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the beta testing as part of the Early Adopters Club— many of your suggestions for improvement have already made their way to the plugin and many more are in the works!