Using Docket WP with your clients & co-workers just got a whole lot easier!

Our first major update since our official launch is here (version 1.1)— which opens up all kinds of new possibilities and use cases for Docket WP!

The “Collaborators” update allows you to quickly and easily add other WordPress users to your lists within Docket WP so you can work together to get even more done.

What is a “Collaborator”?

The new collaborator feature allows you to share your lists with other WordPress users (any user-role level) with the click of a button— perfect for collaborating on your lists with clients, co-workers, or subcontractors.

Unlike someone with a full subscription to Docket WP, the collaborator can only see the lists they’ve been assigned and are able to manage tasks within that list— but they cannot create lists or access the list libraries (personal or official).

This setup allows you to share the lists you need to work on as a team without having to give access to everything in your account.

An Easy Single Sign On System

Through a single sign on (SSO) system, any WordPress user who’s been assigned a list will automatically be signed into Docket when they sign into WordPress— saving them from a separate login.

This makes it simple for clients to login to the WordPress dashboard and immediately have access to the lists and tasks you’ve shared with them.

How to Assign a Collaborator

Assigning a collaborator is simple.

Add a collaborator gif
Add a Collaborator in Real Time

First, open the list you want to share with a collaborator, and click the “Add a Collaborator” button next to the list title:

add a collaborator button
Add a Collaborator

Next, use the search field to find your collaborator by their WordPress username or email address.

collaborator search
User Search

Finally, click on the user you want to add, and they will instantly have access to your list. You’ll be able to quickly see if a list is shared with others as the “Add a Collaborator” button now has an icon next to it displaying the number of users the list is shared with.

If you need to revoke their access to the list, simply click the red “X” next to their name, and their access to the list will be instantly removed.

remove collaborator
Remove a Collaborator

From the Collaborator’s Perspective

When your collaborator signs into WordPress, they will be automatically signed into their Docket WP collaborator account via the single sign on system. When they click the Docket button in the admin bar they’ll see a stripped down interface that only displays the lists that are shared with them.

collaborator pov
Collaborator’s Point of View

Collaborators have the ability to create, edit, delete, and complete tasks— but they are not able to create new lists or access your Docket WP library. This helps protect your account and keeps them focused on only the list(s) you’ve shared with them (not your entire account!).

Get Started with Collaborators

Whether you’re looking to assign lists to clients, worth together with your team, or bring on an outsource partner to carry out tasks, the new collaborators feature is going to make it quick and simple!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Give clients a list of tasks to complete.
  • Work with clients on a website wish list.
  • Onboard co-workers or subcontractors with step-by-step instructions.
  • Assign your VA tasks on your active projects.

We can’t wait to see how you use the new collaborators feature— so please share all your wonderful ideas with us at [email protected]. We’d love to feature you in an article or video!