Identify and investigate any downtime for the month to ensure stability.

Uptime monitoring is simply checking to see if your website is online or not, and alerting you when it goes down. For your care plan or maintenance clients, you’ll want to make sure you know if their website is down before they do (so you can fix it before they find out!)

Free solutions like Uptime Robot will check your website every 5 minutes for free, and send you an email alert if your website does not respond. The free account allows you to add up to 50 monitors.

There are alternatives to Uptime Robot like, Uptrends, Pingdom, and Freshworks — all with free and paid checks.

In my experience each platform will have pros and cons— and one might report outages faster than others. Do yourself a favor, try out a few (on the same website) and see what works best for your needs.

Another thing you’ll want to keep an eye out for are false positives. Any uptime tool I’ve tested has always sent me “down” reports when the website (to the best of my knowledge) never went down. It can be an annoying waste of time… But checking in on these alerts can save you from a website being down for a long period without your knowledge.