Your website’s title and tagline serve as a brief description of your website that can be both displayed visually and in your website’s code.

Where do I find my title & tagline settings?

The easiest way to get to your title and tagline settings is from the WordPress dashboard. From there, hover over ‘Settings’, then click ‘General’. The first two fields are for setting your title and tagline (respectively).

WordPress General Settings
WordPress General Settings

What should my title and tagline be?

Typically websites will set the name of their website, or the name of their company as the title. As you can see in the screenshot below, our website title is set to ‘Docket WP’, the name of our company.

Site title and tagline example
Title & Tagline Example

Your tagline should be a brief explanation that tells people what your website is about, or its purpose for existing online. Keep in mind, this should be a short description, no need to go into detail here.

Where your title and tagline live

If you set your title and tagline, but don’t see it being displayed anywhere on the front end of your website, don’t be alarmed. Depending on your theme, these settings might not be visible from the front end— that’s okay, you’ll still want to set them anyway.

Some themes set the title and tagline to be displayed in your header or in the tab of your browser. These settings can be overridden, and some themes turn off their visibility by default.

Even though you might not see your title and tagline (and there are other ways to override it), it’s important that you have one set. Bots, like the Google Bot, will see this information in the code of your website and it will help them understand what your website is about.